A Tribute to Hyderabad

I cannot call myself a “hyderabadi” — despite living in this city for around 8 years now.

There is nothing that I know completely about this city — not the areas, the routes, the map, the language (be it telugu or hyderabadi(yeah, that’s a language)) — nothing.

But there is something in this city, that I haven’t felt ever, in any of the cities that I’ve lived in. And over the years , that attachment has only grown. I really cannot point to what is so likeable about the city.

Maybe because I have a lot of friends here. Or I like the lifestyle of the people. Or that the people I love live here. However, there are many more reasons.

Sometimes its the amiable people around Tarnaka, sometimes its the so many quiet alleys around Charminar and Koti or anywhere in the city for that matter, where you can just get lost for hours or the sometimes the busy, bustling streets alive with hawkers, people and RTC buses in Sec’bad. The sounds of rakaaths from the mosques around the city or the white resplendent Birla Temple. The hidden Durgam Cheruvu or the the quiet waters of the wide Hussain Sagar.

The famous RFC or the Golconda. The Rock Gardens or the tech-savvy Hi-tech city.

Okay, I am just listing things. Anybody can do that. A visiting tourist could do that. But there is something more, that gets me attached to this place.

To the extent that, now if I go to any city, I draw analogies to this city’s looks or routes or people’s culture — Like a lost lover searching for that one face that captivated him in a crowd of millions, I search for all possible connections back to this city, my city.

The city and its events have been an undercurrent to many things that I have done and said through the years of my growth.It now almost feels like a second mother to me. I feel like I own this city, these days. That the routes and the people are MY people. That what happens here, every pulse, every update, reaches me and I know it. The bus-numbers (as in, the numbers that help us identify their routes), the malls and the movies and the thoughts of the public,..the list goes on.

I love this city. No matter what city I go to, may be better than this in every sense, Hyderabad will continue to have a special place in my heart. Oh, uttering the name itself brings a sense of familiarity to the conversation with the people I interact with.

Hyderabad you’re mine, my love and mine always.