Announcing Click Ventures’ Inaugural Blockchain Ecosystem Report!

We spoke to blockchain heavyweights, from project owners, infrastructure builders, token owners, investor, to consortium to learn about the space. Check out our report to read excerpts of their interviews with us!

True to style, the Blockchain ecosystem has gone through another crazy year of ups and downs, filled with FUD, FOMO and excitements with the prospect of stablecoins and STOs-

Exploring New Retail, Payments and Blockchain technology behind the recent Double-11 festival in China

Yes- people do celebrate Bachelors’ Day in China, in big money fashion.

Source: CNBC

In our most recent trip to Hangzhou, China for the Money 20/20 conference, everyone has been talking about the Double-11 festival- a shopping fiesta to ‘celebrate’ bachelor’s day with shopping discounts first started by on Alibaba’s in 2009.

The blockchain fundraising world is moving on to Security Tokens- find out below the why, the what and the how.


The security token discussion is finally moving to Asia- conferences around security tokens such as the Security Token Future event in Hong Kong has started to attract audience and inspired interesting discussions around designing security token offering platforms and finding first use cases of blockchain technology on securitizing physical assets.

Globally, players in the blockchain space have been actively positioning themselves to the next wave of blockchain fundraising. Back in June this year, Coinbase, now a US$8B company, acquired Venovate Marketplace for their ATS license, the license is a requirement for listing and secondary trading of tokenized securities. …

All content is based on Click Ventures’ observations through attending blockchain industry events. This article is an aggregation of our speaking notes across events.

Notwithstanding the ICO ban in China, blockchain activity never stopped. The blockchain communities in China are still busy exploring the future applications of blockchain technology. We recently delivered a keynote to 5,000+ Chinese and Overseas investors and entrepreneurs at the BARIC in Xiamen, China on ‘Trends and Limitations of Blockchain Development’.

Similarly, Hong Kong’s fintech and blockchain scene has successfully attracted unprecedented talent, eager to explore new opportunities and exchange ideas. We recently sat on a…

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