The Salesforce Spring ’17 release: Key Highlights!

Salesforce Spring ’17 release brings some unique Lightning Experience usability enhancements for its users.

Here are some exciting new features that can help you build more quickly and efficiently and also enhancement to what Salesforce CRM is coming up with.

Opportunity Products Update

Salesforce Spring 17 has brought a huge enhancement in LEX. It enables users to add more than one product at a time to their Opportunities instead of adding one at a time. You can search different products, add them right from the same page without losing any of the previous session. You can also select or deselect different lines right from the new page which shows the list of Opportunity Product line.

Account Hierarchies in Lightning

The Account Hierarchies Visualization has been updated with a new Lightning component. One can navigate through the Account Hierarchy and see what the current Account is that you’re looking at. With this update, you can also customize the columns that appears for the Accounts.

Contacts to Multiple Accounts Improvements

With the introduction of a new feature, the Spring 17 enhances the ability to relate a contact to multiple Accounts. It enables you to link your personal account to multiple business accounts. It also enables you to add custom buttons and actions to the relationship object between the Contact and the accounts. You can further create an Opportunity or Case for the Contact/Account Combo.

Lightning Utility Bar

Salesforce Spring 17 brings in a new feature in LEX where is has a Utility Bar at the bottom of the page similar to the tray item in the Consoles. This new feature allows you to add different utilities to it. These utilities must be Lightning Components as this doesn’t support Visualforce.

Quote Updates

Spring 17 has brought a bunch of new updates to the standard Quoting as well! Now you can directly go to a Quotes tab that organizes all of the Quotes in one place instead of having to see Quotes from the Opportunity they are associated to. You may also flip to a Kanban view that will show your Quotes organized by their Status.

Web-to-Lead reCAPTCHA

The latest release enables you with new feature to add a reCAPTCHA widget to your forms. You need to turn this on and add it to your form. Anyone who is submitting the form will have to check a box to show that they are a human not a spammer.

Duplicate Management

The Spring 17 release not only brings to the feature to connect with multiple accounts but also enables you to add proactive messaging to your users that a duplicate might exist. The proactive alerts could be huge to help keep your instance clean.

Limit Search to a Specific Object

Another cool feature of LEX enables you to search simply by typing an object’s name. Say for example, if you type “Accounts”, your search will be limited to just Accounts and you can easily continue your search for what you’re looking for.

Send Email from Anywhere

The new LEX feature allows you to Email action to any object that has Activities enabled on it. This gives the users an enhanced Email widget from anywhere.

Report Filters in the URL

Salesforce Spring release brings you interesting features where you can actually pass a filter value to a report straight from the URL with LEX reports only. There are certain limitations to this, the big one is that you can’t do much to filters that are already saved in the report. Neither you can delete them nor you can modify the operator.

Expand LEX Dashboard Components

Another new feature is that the LEX dashboard component now have a little “expand” icon which opens up a much larger version of that component when it is clicked.

Funnel and Scatter Charts

The standard LEX Dashboards are now able to create Funnel or Scatter Chart component types.

Encryption Update

With the new release in Salesforce Spring 17, the encryption check runs faster than it did previously. A new program, named Pilot is also introduced which enables you to encrypt your chatter. Finally, it has also brought updates where you can apply your own encryption key to your search and data indexes.

To Wrap Up

That’s just a taste of what Spring ’17 has to offer for the Salesforce Users. The new release empowers everyone to be at their best with stunning new innovation for Einstein and Lightning built right into the Customer Success Platform. As a Salesforce Consulting Service Provider, we can help you learn more about the new release and what it can do for you.