Thoughts on 2A

There were a lot of things I wanted to do this term such as focusing more on my studies, my health and investing in the first years. However, I did not get to achieve most of these of these goals due to things that came up this term — mainly the workload and difficulty of the courses this term.

I’d say though there were three things that God taught me — patience/trust, grace and humility.

  1. God taught me this aspect through my co-op search as I haven’t found one yet for the winter term. It’s been a struggle to trust Him and understand that He has a plan for me in terms of this, despite that I had been through this process already this past summer. A story I am encouraged about in this situation is the one of Elkanah and his wife Hannah (1 Samuel 1). Despite that fact that they did not have a child in their advanced age, Hannah remained strong in her faith that her Lord would provide for her. Even as He did — providing them with their son Samuel, the couple dedicated to God as they knew that he belonged to the Creator. So for those going through this situation, know this — while God does provide, He is faithful to His family.
  2. Grace was another thing God taught me this term. Through the many struggles with certain temptations and sins, I’ve come to realize that I cannot face this on my own, even with the support of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It is only by the grace of God that not only am I saved, but it is by His grace that I am transformed into the man of God that He wants me to become. After all, it did say that God would “give you a new heart and a new spirit” (Ezekiel 36:26). Through this, I’ve learned to simply revel in the mystery and joy of the transforming power of the Gospel.
  3. It is fitting that the Lord taught me humility in a new way alongside teaching me grace this term. Through leading the worship ministry at CCF, God humbled me to focus not on my results, but on how He was working through a depraved person like me. To elaborate, one part of leading worship ministry involved running a weekly event where I would teach about aspects of worship. Initially, I prided my success on this ministry based on event turnout and on how well the worship was carried out on Fridays. However, God showed me that my works and service to other people do not dictate my relationship with God. Because of my brokenness and sin, I cannot save or justify myself through works; it is only through God’s grace and mercy that He produces good works through me so that His glory might be shown (Ephesians 2:8–10). All the glory goes to Jesus!

As I proceed on to next term, I hope that Jesus can continue to teach me new things and focus on the treasure that is the Gospel. Wherever He takes me next term for co-op, I will simply follow His way! :)

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