Versioning your dot files — Saving precious time for getting up and running

Ever been in a situation where you accidentally deleted the contents of your HOME folder?

Ever experienced a crash that wiped off all your settings?

Well, been there and done that. After heckling across various internal storage where the system stores cached copies of my bashrc settings I figured out that it is not entirely a fail-safe method.

Somehow, as it turns out, the genius of versioning such files struck me.

So currently, I have versioned all my SSH keys and my .bashrc file. These two are vital for me to function, and no matter where I am working, all I need to do is simply clone these files and voilà, I am ready to roll.

There are plenty of options which you can use apart from versioning, the very basic, syncing it across your Dropbox or Google Drive. For geeks who like things to be versioned, and having a history of how things were, and are, bitbucket and github prove impetus.

PS: There is a CRON that runs on my system every day to check if my repository is always up to date with the local version.

Originally published at on October 14, 2015.