Advanced Math

To overthrow this analytical robot,

this incessant desire to fly, fly, fly away

and a non-attachment, lack of

lust or love for that matter; to see others

as more than just collections of organized

matter flailing around, looking for life

but missing any purpose; sitting level

with this focusing lens that throws the

light of a billion far-off stars, these

unfamiliar emotions the irrational, inane,

the human, into some kind of focus;

To breathe, in time like gears, two interlocking

cogs in an infinite machine as metal gnashes

together; minor sparks fly in an echo of

some initial universe-forming explosion,

At least one pair of teeth lock at a

pressure angle that slants ever so slightly towards

the side of the creationists, gliding along a divine

pitch line, following the repetitive traces of

a thousand involute curves.

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