Memory ii

This one time, when I was a sophomore, we had this engineering project where we had to CAD this model in like teams of four or five, but one of the guys on our team was in rehab and the other one was absent half the time and then completely useless when he was there and at the end of the project we had to write this report, like who did what, and we wrote like, oh, Jasmine did the wheels or whatever and I did this other part, but then we got to the part where we had to list what the other people did, so for the guy in rehab we put “The memory of x sustained us throughout our challenging journey” and for the useless guy we put “X came in every day, turned on his computer, and converted oxygen into carbon dioxide”. And we finished the report and of course rehab guy wasn’t there and the other guy didn’t bother reading it so we sat there about to submit the report and my partner said should we you wouldn’t so I knew I had to and I hit submit and she sort of did this squeal gasp thing and we formally submitted that some guy came in for forty five minutes every day and breathed and did nothing else.