When it comes to #DigitalTransformation, should rhetorical questions even be asked?

It’s interesting to read the plethora of digitization, IoT and digital transformation/disruption content on the web.

Most have what I would consider a rhetorical question in the heading or sub-heading along the lines of ‘are you ready?’

By now I think we can all agree that digitization is top of mind for every executive — a topic of frequent discussions in every boardroom across all industries and segments of the market.

So ‘are you ready?’ becomes a rhetorical question. And we all know that rhetorical questions are used to make a point. So what is the point of asking?

Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.

The fact remains that digitization is very subjective and personal: there is no ‘one-size- fits-all’ solution. Every company, large or small, is unique in the way they operate: their business models and processes (hopefully) fueling growth and profitability. Therefore, their digitization strategies will also be unique. Right?

But many companies are on the fence on where to start their #digital journey. One sensible place is to start by defining what that digital transformation might mean to them — how to make digital relevant to their workforce, evolve business models, streamline operations, and create unique customer experiences that result in more ‘stickness’.

Once that is in place, you can you embark on what might be considered the tedious task of evaluating technologies, such as cloud, fog computing, data & analytics, automation and mobility that may facilitate desired results.

Tedious is not exciting. Therefore, I have decided that I am going to make it somewhat less tedious by collating the most compelling (subjective of course) thought-leadership content around digital transformation and respective enabling technologies in a single spot for the curious to peruse at their leisure.

So are you ready?

Darn, I just caught myself doing the rhetorical thing three times here — apologies.

Seriously though, stay tuned. I’ll be pointing you in a direction soon. You can decide if it’s the right direction for your company. At a minimum, you will walk away with some valuable nuggets and new ideas.

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