A Fourth Reich is rising across Europe — with ties to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
Nafeez Ahmed

Great article. The only issue I have is with the connection you make with Nigel Farage and Russia and those interests being wrong. There is right and wrong in foreign policy, as it is illegal to coup governments for your country’s benefit. It is clear that Ukraine was a coup from the beginning on, from the $5 Billion spent by the US to create the climate for a coup, to Yanukovich signing a deal and then being forced to flee, to the Maidan shooters being of very questionable nature — potentially rooted in the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine, setting the country up for a fall to increase their power. Crimea was re-taken, yes. It was part of Russia and had a Russian military base on it with the majority of people living there being ethnic Russians. What would the US have done if it was in the same position? It all does not fit here when you look at the US NeoCons and their perspective of Russia, unless this changes with Trump. This is the crux of it. These fascists may be at the core of it all working to achieve this end game using lots of counterintelligence tools at their disposal. The US has violated so many countries sovereignty, engaged in illegal wars and committed war crimes, my fear is that the far right engineered it that way to bring the US down as an example based on its own actions. Then they win. It is a very complex game. The key for the US would have been to hold itself accountable for Iraq and Libya as well as the destabilization in Syria and sponsorship of terrorist organizations such as Al-Nusra front while knowingly allowing Al Qaeda to flourish beyond what its wildest expectations, as they had been used as a destabilization tool. Of course this will not happen, for the US to hold the war criminals accountable. Also we have allowed the Saudis to remain fairly unscathed in their support for the Wahhabist groups as well as terror supporting activities, these activities are also connected to the NeoCon wing in the US. Perhaps the far-right have just wanted destruction of everything progressive and have wanted to take away the progress of the world towards peace as this would be multi-ethnic progress and evolution making them irrelevant. In the end, I hope the dinosaurs go away after they get a past life reading, LOL. I wonder how many of them have been black or Arabs in other lifetimes? Another thing to note is the suppression of free energy technology as it relates to these groups. With the power they have, this is something to consider as well as their funding sources. Another very scary idea, as you talked about those Nazis involved with deportation of the Jews, is the idea that the high Jews did not allow American lower Jews to protest Hitler and the high Jews assisted in the deportation efforts through the Haavarah pact or Transfer Agreement that potentially helped to really get Israel going. Could the reason these Nazis be supporting Israel now be that in reality they supported the start of Israel before? Think about the ethnic cleansing going on in Palestine right now. The behavior is too similar to be ignored. Remember Holocaust means something like burnt offering. Very scary and strange. Why not call it genocide, perhaps because it was not completely a genocide as the Haavarah pact was definitely real and a pact between the two unlikely sides.

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