My First Month of Open Source

The Journey to 4 Pull Requests

My Journey Summed Up

I started this release hoping to land four separate, meaningful code contributions in open source projects. I was a bit surprised to find that good issues were not that easy to land, as there were many contributors eager to claim an issue.

As I struggled to find an issue of my own, I began to lower my standards on what an acceptable issue would be and started to look outside of the three projects I was initially interested in. My journey led me to contribute to four different projects,, custom-date-formatting, Docusaurus, and Firefox Devtools.

Admittedly, I believed that landing a good issue would be simple and did not leave myself enough time to find something truly meaningful for myself. This is definitely an area I wish to improve on for my next release, since working on something you’re passionate about is much more enjoyable and motivating.

My pull requests were not in vain however, as I learned many useful skills and got a firm grasp on how GitHub issues and pull requests work. The members of the community I interacted with were eager to help me and answer any questions I had. One member of the Docusaurus team also showed me that adding the issue number in my pull request will automatically link the issue in the PR and then close the issue once the PR is merged. Small tips like these are always welcome and I greatly enjoy becoming more familiar with software I regularly use.

Overall, my first open source experience was pleasant and the community was very welcoming and helpful. I look forward to making bigger contributions in open source and seeing where my next release will take me.