The Road To My First Pull Request

The Project

Open Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

For my first pull request I decided to work on OpenRCT2, an open-source remake of the widely popular Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 game. Although I sound decisive talking about my planned pull request, getting to this point was a challenge in itself.

Something I’ve always struggled with was making decisions, so it came as no surprise when I was torn between which open-source project I wanted to contribute to. I had a few projects in mind that I talked about in my previous blog post, but nothing was certain. What really helped tip the scale in OpenRCT2’s favor was the abundance of good first issues and the language (C/C++) the project was coded in. I felt like these were both key factors in the success of my first open-source contribution and OpenRCT2 easily satisfied the requirements.

Finding An Issue

Since deciding on my first project, I’ve been looking through the posted issues and setting up the game to run on my machine in order to test future bugs. Although I haven’t chosen a specific issue yet, I learned a valuable trick in my open-source development class today to help me sort through difficult issues.

Introducing: The “good first issue” Label

filtering through issues in OpenRCT2 using “good first issue” tag

GitHub offers a wide range of labels for issues in order to provide a brief overview on the scope of the problem and give contributors a way to filter for a desired issue. This has been a great boon for me, an amateur open-source developer seeking a simple first issue. Using the “good first issue” label I can browse a list of posted issues intended for contributors just starting to enter the world of open-source development. With this feature I hope to be able to submit my first pull-request within the next couple of days and begin my contributions to OpenRCT2.