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As a design manager, I’m always looking for ways to motivate my team, as well as — ideally — get them delivering consistently high level work. The challenge is to avoid burnout, which can rear its head in a slew of increasingly uglier ways. Some designers push hard for success at first, but feel underappreciated in the long run and grow bored. Others lose steam, get sick, neglect their needs and fall behind on responsibilities. It’s a domino effect.

My view is: generally all designers want to make good work and add to the success of their team (in many…

Anthony Faria Instagram

I’m always excited to see my designers present their work for review. As a design manager, my most immediate opportunity to guide and support them is in the critique that follows. Whether the designer’s presenting to just myself or a larger team, it’s a big learning opportunity for all parties involved — one I take seriously.

But too many times, designers’ presentations have played out like so:

Designer: Here’s the work I did, it’s really not that good.
Me: Way to sell it.
Designer: Yeah, I’ve done better.

I get it, they’re hedging their bets. They might think downplaying the…

Anthony Faria Instagram

Having interviewed dozens of candidates and reviewed hundreds of portfolios for about 14 years, I’ve gathered a sense of what to look for in hiring design talent. Let me say, right off the bat, that I’m still learning how to better evaluate candidates. I’ll likely never stop. Hiring is the most important thing I do, and it’s hard. There’s a lot at stake. You want to bring in someone who’s talented and responsible, can build working relationships, problem solve, and ideally introduce ideas and approaches to design that wouldn’t occur to you. …

Anthony Faria

Design @AOL, @Viggle, @Handshake // Alum @UArts , @RISD

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