These Shootings Are Not Normal.

I am truly heartbroken for the families of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School today. These lives — full of promise and potential — have ended far too soon, and we deeply mourn with their families, friends, and community. Seventeen people went to a place of learning this morning with every intention of returning home tonight, and instead their loved ones are left with a loss so cruel it defies description.

While I am prayerful for them, I am not satisfied with that singular act. I am not satisfied with the status quo of politicians sending thoughts and prayers to victims of gun violence, while they cash campaign checks from the gun lobby. I am not satisfied with politicians who decry mental health’s role in these mass shootings, and do nothing to address the fact that they would happen less frequently with fewer weapons on our streets. I am not satisfied with those who lack the courage to follow their condemnation of these acts with equally strong actions to stop their occurrence. I am heartbroken over this needless bloodshed in our state and our country and as Governor, I will work with anyone, and do everything possible, to stop them.