Blogging about the importance of coffee, about the ceremony and the very something, special and defining about #kaffemaskinen

We have this thing at work. (A very friendly environment by the way, where everybody (almost) actually like each other).

It’s a never ending joke about the coffee machine placed in the basement, place next to the lunch room (lunchbunkern).

There they are, the two monstruous, screaming machines from one of Swedens biggest retailers (Volvo BM right?).

You can choose from black coffee and coffee with milk. The buttons says caffe latte and cappuccino but it is just coffee with steamed milk poured fast or slow.

Well, to the joke. Every second hour the drip tray or the grounds bin gets full, because we are hard coffee drinkers you know. We run those fuckers to near the limit every single day. All of us. We are swedes, we just love our coffee. Me for example down three cups before work and when I finally get to the office I down three more. THEN I start working.

After an hour or so it’s time again. And I’m not the only one doing it at this high level. We all do. As i mentioned.

The result: the drip tray and the grounds bin gets full all the time. And here’s the thing. You have to file it. Every time it happens you take a picture of the sign saying the machine is OFF (either it’s the drip tray or the grounds bin). You publish the picture on Facebook with hashtag #kaffemaskinen and then you tell Henrik.

This means there’s a lot of these images floating around at the internet. And it puzzles people. “What is this thing with the coffee machine?” people ask.

We tell them and they’re still puzzled. And so it goes. Over and over again.

Especially the staff over at Metro is puzzled. Or more right, they envy us. The don’t have the drip tray thing or the grounds bin blast over there you know.

But we tell them anyway, cause we like to share. Sharing is caring like the Piratpartiet use to say.

Besides, the whole thing is good for productivity.