It takes no time to forget about the vacation.

I have now been home in Stockholm and worked for almost two weeks. There have been good days - but also many job hours and little sleep.

The coming weeks are crucial for how the rest of the year will be.

It is now you have to set the good routines and not fall into the bad ones.

But it’s easier said than done. You also have to deal with work, the family, the running and the ... no it’s not that much more. But

As I write this I’ve put the kids to bed. We have read a book and I sit in their room and keeping them company for a while.

Instead of blogging I should probably just sit and stare at a wall to clean my mind for a while but that just feels so ... Dull.
The twins started school today. And it went well!
Now we keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way.

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