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So what makes an audience tune in? As a potential fan to a show, I now have to consider not only what I might enjoy, but if the vast majority of audiences find it appealing.

Is it necessarily fair? Of course not, but understanding what specific criteria can capture an audience can save one from watching a show that is doomed for immediate cancellation due to poor ratings.

Since studying the ratings system, I apply a certain ‘checklist’ to see if I can predict if a show is actually worth committing to, or if ratings will be a major player…

UnBiased Digital Publication

It’s an element that can no longer be ignored, as we have come to live in a world where technology is as almost as common as eating or drinking. Okay, maybe not as important as eating or drinking, but technology has become apart of our everyday world, and the American education system is clearly no exception.

Technology is no longer an element that is overlooked in education, but rather embraced and accepted. It has made learning and teaching easier for both teachers and students. …

UnBiased Digital Publication

How many can relate to the following thought process below:

Hooray! You just got 100 points for that purchase at Best Buy!

Wait, you’re telling me I need how many points to redeem for an actual ‘reward’?

2,500?! So I need to spend $2,500 to officially be appreciated as a customer? What kind of BS loyalty program is this?

Ok, fine. What kind of reward do I get after spending $2,500? An mp3 player? A camera?

A $10 gift certificate?!?! This is Best Buy, you know, an electronics store, where over 90% of the items available for purchase are over…

UnBiased Digital Publication

If you haven’t heard by now (and there’s a chance you haven’t because at this point, who really cares), Google is shutting down their social media platform, Google Plus. Google Plus was Google’s counter to Facebook and ultimately created a social media platform that provided a convenient social media outlet to encourage connection between people, brands, and essentially anything online.

Google is claiming the reason for the shutdown is a data security breach, but the breach was really the tipping point that was already leaning on a 180 degree angle.

Google launched the network declaring it to be an eventual…

Exclusive Rewind: Hockey In Brooklyn

This story was certainly a fun one to put together. It was a few years ago, right when the Islanders were starting to realize Brooklyn was just not the proper setting (and it didn’t take long).

Before reading on, I'd like to clarify that I'm actually a die-hard New Jersey Devils fan, but unfortunately Doc Emrik, Chico Resch, or Martin Brodeur weren't available for an exclusive, and the interview at hand wasn't pertaining to the Rangers, so I was thrilled to go ahead with the story regardless.

While the franchise pursued a continued presence in…

Andrew Levy

PR & Public Communication | Avid NJDevils, NYGiants, & STLCards fan; proud Kent State Alum.

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