This doesn’t change the underlying issue that webpack itself is just a pain to use.

Webpack was a mystery to me too, until I found this Getting Started Guide:

After reading it I was able to break down the Webpack configuration to the following:

  • Specify your entry file (just a simple entry property)
  • Specify what this (plus its imports) should be compiled to (basically the output file)
  • Tell Webpack about all special files you’re using (SCSS, Babel, TypeScript, Vue…) by installing and configuring loaders (if you’re using any). Most of the time it’s just: “If you see a .vue file, use the vue-loader. An object with two properties. Done.
  • There are plugins for some edge-cases. Maybe you need one or two plugins, maybe you don’t need a single one. Depends on your project.

That’s basically everything you need to know.

After understanding this Webpack got actually pretty easy for me and I was able to build my own configuration to develop Vue applications.

Now when I read “Webpack is so hard to understand.” all I think is: “No. It’s not. It was just hard to find good Getting Started guides. But now there is one.”

Hope this can change your mind. At least a little.