Jennifer’s Way by Jennifer Esposito

East Village Beam of Light

I encountered Jennifer’s book on a walk through the East Village in NYC on July 19, 2014, to be exact. My visit to Jennifer’s Way Bakery on that date would prove to be a major turning point in my life, and it would take a few months after that day for me to realize the magnitude of that particular outing. Through her narrative, I discovered the doctor that would eventually connect all the dots in my medical history, and diagnose me with Lyme disease and Bartonella. 
This book does not involve Lyme disease directly, but it does give an account of the struggle and suffering that exists when dealing with an invisible illness. Jennifer Esposito has fought her own battle with celiac disease in the most admirable way: by embracing her struggle, by educating herself, by trusting her inner strength, by fighting nonstop until she was heard. It is truly a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and I would recommend it to anybody in search of some inspiration as they journey on. 
Lyme disease may have seized plenty of memories from me, but I will never forget the summer day that her story made its way to mine.

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