Seams of Silver and Gold

What began as a quest to finally get all my gluten issues under control, suddenly turned into a battle with a larger and craftier monster. I would be forced to get to know Lyme disease fairly quickly, no formalities involved. 
At that stage, I was too chronic and weak for regular antibiotics, so my doctor and I decided a homeopathic route would be best — we turned to colloidal silver IVs. I began with 5cc’s and worked my way up to 60, in multiples of five or ten, depending on the varying reactions. Those were days filled with shattering and overwhelming symptoms, when on the most severe occasions, all I would do was just lie on the floor. For some strange reason, lying still on the hardwood floor in my room, with a pillow under my head and lower back, would hurt less than being on a bed or a sofa. I was fractured in so many places, and this treatment was the first real step towards starting to mend myself back together. Gradually, one day at a time, one month to the next, those pieces began to find their place, to mold & fit to one another in order to begin again.

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