An Open Letter to Stefanie Williams and Other Bootstrapping Millennials…
Miles Howard

I generally agree with you, and sent the following late last night/early this morning:

You may want to believe that your position on the Yelp girl issue is “not political”, but institutions like Fox Business inherently are, and although the journalism of Business Insider may not be quite that of the Wall Street Journal’s, it’s also not that different, or at least its readership isn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I would never have written the kind of thing Yelp girl wrote to a CEO, or any manager for that matter, but at least some of the issues she touched on are very real issues (and not just here in the Bay Area), and I was disappointed to see a fellow “Millenial” trounce another for the opportunity to jump on that ‘old time religion’ generation-bashing bandwagon, not because I count myself among them as well, but because the ease with which it can be done is exceeded in magnitude only by its irrelevance to addressing real problems. She may be experiencing the growing pains of shedding her immaturity, at least now that she’s been let go, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Yes, you’re right. There are better ways to handle your problems, and she’s certainly not entitled to live here any more than the people I hear about being priced out of their residences virtually every week on the news here in the Bay Area. In fact, my first thought was “Well, if she loves CVS so damn much, why doesn’t she apply for work there instead. Also, yes, I have “slept fully clothed under several blankets” to stay warm, albeit in harsh Montana winters, not the (usually, though not always) balmy Bay Area.” Still, the notion that things may have worked out for you (for the time being at least) is in no way a guarantee for others’ success. Believe it or not, plenty of people work hard to get what they want, and it still don’t get it, present company (currently, at least) included. Not everyone has a family friend who can put in a good word. Even if they did, it can’t be the panacea for unemployment, otherwise we’d all have jobs, which isn’t the case. Not everyone has a family willing or able to support them either. So, although you may have scored some points with the bitter friends of Fox, et al, I was more than a little disappointed with the flippant nature with which you callously blew off the concerns she raised. I had hoped for a more nuanced approach from someone with an expressed love of language with the job/life stability she professedly lacks. Instead, your response simply came off (to me) as tantamount to blaming the victim, at least to the extent that her problems are not her own doing.

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