Newton turns one!
Karthik Suroju

I love this app so much I can’t even explain. I am such a huge fan of your team, you can probably ask Umesh sir how much I pestered him to get few Newton wallpapers. 😅 He sent me those on 17th April and till this date my Mac and iPhone wallpaper never changed (yes I did change sometimes to check how this new one looks but then always goes back to Newton one).

To be serious, I am not writing this to win promo codes, got one last year because I paid for some service or something like that. I don’t remember and you gave one year to those people. Also, I don’t get a chance to say all this everyday.

Will be happy to pay this year. 🙌 Your app makes my life sooo much easier, this is the first app that I install on my phone, this is the app I open every time I wake and go to sleep, this is the app which complete my iPhone.

I can write for whole day about Newton. 😂 OK. I am done.

One last thing: Love you Newton. ❤️💘

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