Selective Perceptions of ‘RW’ Twitter — Hyderabadi Narration Ch.1

The great war — 13th day Chakravyuha Formation

Abdul sneaked out with the Time machine of Chikram Vandra & brought it to his dear friend Virat Howla who was busy flogging himself. ‘Just the way we do it’ wondered Abdul before inviting Howla to join him on a time-pass, er, time-travel run.

Where to?’ asked Abdul even as Howla sniggered into his mobile phone ‘Thoo-Eighty-Thoo’.

Kidhar jainge re?’ Abdul asked again & Howla, still fending off imagined (or otherwise) enemies in his own home, replied — ‘terko kidhar hona udhar jainge, khaali baata karta ya kahi leke jainga merku?’ Abdul decided to improve his mood and decided to take Virat to a great moment in his side’s history — The 13th day of the Mahabharata War. Abdul figured, watching Abhimanyu do his thing will help Howla feel good about his folks in the present. Off they went!

As the Time Machine put them at a vantage point overlooking the entire battlefield, Abdul sat amazed at the scene in front of him. A great general seemed to be issuing orders to form a special ‘vyuha’. Abdul looked at Howla for an explanation. Howla shrugged & said ‘ye kuch bhi nai hai re, hamaare baawa ke time pe issey bade-bade formations rehte the. Light le le’.

But Abdul observed that the general (Dronacharya as he later understood) had formed a mind-boggling series of circles made of thousands of soldiers moving in an impregnable looking formation. While the warriors from their side stayed safe within the inner circles, the formation itself rained death on the other side. Abdul sat transfixed at the terrible dance of death.

Howla, instead of showing any empathy to the other side only muttered — ‘aisich hona inn log ko. Chupich ladne ku aate jab nai aata ladne ko. Issey achcha gharpe-ich baithna na khamosh. Itta hai toh baahar desh chale jaana. Kya khaakh rakha hai iss viraane mein?’ Abdul was bewildered at the apparent cowardice of his dear friend Virat Howla. But they continued looking on even while Howla told Abdul about all the great warriors assembled there; with a strange sense of pride in knowing those names, Abdul observed…

Amidst all the death & destruction on the other side, when all seemed lost, a young warrior rode out challenging the entire vyuha single-handedly. His roar sent a chill down the spine of the generals within the formation. Dronacharya gestured to his Yuvraj that this warrior shouldn’t be taken lightly. Shakuni guffawed & said it’s impossible to break-in; ‘he will crash & die against our superiority; if not we can give him some soldier’s post’.

But the young warrior, Abhimanyu, seemed to have a steely resolve. He began to rally his forces & rode out to meet the vyuha. His confidence seemed to galvanise his battered forces to make a dash for the center of the formation of death. Even Howla got caught up in it & in a rush of adrenaline began to cheer from the sidelines — ‘ghuuske maaro inko; ek-ek ko fod do; koi nai bachna; arey aisa nakko upar se rakhke de…’ Abdul wondered what had gotten into his friend!

And then it happened! In a daring display of aggression & after multiple pitched battles all around the circular formation, the blitzkrieg of Abhimanyu succeeded. After felling scores of generals & warriors within the formation, he managed to break into it & stand straight in its center..!

Howla exhaled slowly muttering — ‘Maa ki kirkiri, potta ghuus gaya baap andar!’ Abdul still held his breath awaiting what looked like a sure-shot bloodbath. ‘Ab Dangal Hoga’ he said…

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