Social Media as a Customer Service Platform

One key takeaway from this article is that all businesses should measure the conversion rate of their social media marketing initiatives. I also learned that improving customer service or building customer loyalty offers more opportunity than gaining brand awareness when it comes to social media marketing goals. Using a tool like Google Analytics helps businesses gather data by using metrics like conversion rates to determine how effective their social media efforts are. A brand’s Facebook page “like” to page visit ratio is an example of a conversion rate. I was surprised to find out that in the report done by Social Fresh, 76% of brand’s said their social media goal was to build brand awareness, and only 17% of brand’s said their social media goal revolves around customer service. I think social media accounts should utilize their customer service capabilities because it makes the business seem more personable, reachable, and reliable. It always catches my eye when I see a company’s Facebook page and the page moderator responds to customers’ comments or complaints in timely, helpful manner. The article suggests that using social media to build customer loyalty and execute customer service turns customers who like you into customers who love you. It’s easier and cheaper to appeal to people who already like your brand because they are more receptive to your social media efforts. As these people become brand advocates, they will recommend your brand to their friends who will be more likely to recognize and seek out your brand in the future.