RE: the most authentic girl on instagram is made of plastic

This article is complete garbage. First, it pits two women against each other who are essentially promoting the SAME message. Cisneros does it in a satirical, clever way, and ONeill does it by getting swept up in Instagram culture and then somehow coming to her senses.

The author of this article sounds like one of the snooty PNWers Cisneros likes to make fun of. She attacks this Insta star at her most vulnerable, choosing to pay attention to the wordy and disorganized way she is trying to present her message, rather than what the overarching message is. It’s just another attempt to straw-man the message — to take away from what this girl is trying to say now and focusing on her past.

Also, ONeill isn’t going to be the most eloquent speaker. She’s 18 years old and spent her entire adolescence trying to be Insta-famous, which doesn’t really seem like it would develop great communication abilities…as ironic as that might be.

Furthermore, what Cisneros did is far less daring and risky than the steps ONeill took to call herself and her industry out. It’s easy to make fun of people, but much harder to admit your faults and make yourself vulnerable. If either of these two women deserves to be put on a pedestal for her actions this week, I think it’s ONeill. But I don’t really think we should be comparing them! Socality Barbie gave me somewhere to turn to laugh at all the people on Instagram I kept seeing post the same shit, and ONeill gave me and probably a lot of her followers a reality check that needed to be heard. And I’d argue that ONeill’s audience needed this wake-up call much more than Socality Barbie’s followers needed to snigger at people who are obvious stereotypes. Augh I’m comparing them again! Whatever, they are both awesome.

Anyways, I’m disappointed in Think Progress promoting this post. It’s snarky and, frankly, just mean, and does not spread a productive message at all. It provides one snobby writer’s unfair viewpoint of Cisneros and ONeill, and while it shouldn’t be censored, it shouldn’t be posted and shared like it’s a high-quality content article.

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