Olympic Medal for INDIA???!!!
Kishore Ravindhar

Hi kishore,

I think your view and opinion for selection of players is great. If Our government really want the medals in olympic means they have to pick the diamonds from this ground not from the ornamental stones from the academies. for example a small search in indian army is enough for sending 100 competitors for shooting. In the population above 120 crores we are sending only 100 + participants and put faith in single player. If Bolt is Participate in 100M running then why they (Jamaica) send other 2–3 players.

But there is another issue here, that is our Parents and society. Because almost every parents ambition is their child getting above 90% in 12th grade and a seat IIT or IIM to settled in their life. we have to know this “Diamonds need not to be in same color”,There are many diamonds needs polishing in this nation, and that should be start from the each and every homes. There is proverb “ Bend the twig, bend the tree” like this we have to train children because sports is also a profession. we can’t get/trust a medal from a part-timer.