Art — Entering the Matrix

Being an artist I regularly encounter a feeling of being part of something bigger than me. It feels like connecting to a bigger consciousness although it seems to be the exact opposite. It is an encounter with something I cannot grab, I cannot pass on, I only can let myself fall into it. It is like a fall into a deep, bottomless darkness and sometimes it is really frightening, other times it is very moving, and occasionally it is pure joy.

It is a feeling of going away to come home. And when I am there, the whole universe collapses into me and I collapse into it. Together we share a special experience and when I come out of it, I often come back with a gift. This gift can be deep insight and understanding or a song the expresses insight and understanding.

I see my work as an artist similar to a work of a scout or an explorer. I collapse into the universe and bring back to this life what I’ve found there. And maybe death is nothing more than the ultimate collapse into the universe. Again.

Originally published here.