Macro and Bitcoin — uncertainty and requests for support

What is coming will impact future generations — get prepared

My Crypto background

I first dove into the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2013. Initially, it was bewildering, overwhelming and confusing. But eventually, it became the most exciting world of possibilities I’ve ever worked in. Since 2017 I’ve been living and breathing Crypto full-time initially as the Head of Strategy & Finance and then as COO/CFO of Shift ( Main product: BitBox02 hardware wallet). As a foundational part of the burgeoning Swiss and global Crypto scene, our amazing team is at the core of what’s happening in the Bitcoin ecosystem, with direct exposure to the most relevant developments and key players across the full value chain.

Supporting those who want to know

I now feel ready to fully merge my ‘old world’ background which includes working for a major Swiss family office, VCs, hedge funds as well as stints in consulting and wealth management, with my new insights and experience. I want to assist people who are genuinely interested in learning more and consider transitioning part of their assets over to this new world. To help you become more aware of the importance of what’s happening. To work with you to take personal responsibility for making educated decisions, and to use this technology as sound money as well as possibly use it as a hedge or option for the emerging “new normal”.

  1. Educational content: I’m in the process of curating a list of the most relevant and best accessible content for people to start/accelerate their journey into learning about Bitcoin. This is a key step and should put everybody in a position to focus their questions and frame their potential decisions. It will be an evolving reference.
  2. Personal guidance: for those ready to consider a deep-dive, I am offering 1:1 online/personal sessions to discuss more specific requirements that will help shape your individual approach & decision-making. If/when required, this may include assisting in going through the whole process of acquiring, storing and transacting Bitcoin, and helping select and use the relevant tools to do this efficiently and securely.



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