The Last Winter Cleaning. Tips and Advices

The spring is almost here. Have a look at these handy winter cleaning tips.

Aaron Clifford
Mar 10, 2014 · 3 min read

While most of us prefer to leave the deep and thorough household cleaning for the warmer seasons, there is no better time to tackle all those home maintenance chores than during the winter. Why spend so many hours cleaning right when the weather finally turns nice, right? It’s much better to deal with everything now, when we have no other choice by to spend most of our leisure time indoors. If you agree with us, then here are the top five cleaning tips that will help you bring sparkle and shine in your home.

Deep clean your furniture, carpets and floors

Winter is especially tough on floors, furniture and carpets. With no open windows, children and pets constantly playing in and out and the fireplace circulating ashes, dirt is just hovering around. To combat all the dust and loose debris from settling on upholstery and rugs, make sure to steam clean your furniture, carpets and floors.

Clean Kitchen Appliances Inside Out

Kitchen is probably the most challenging place around the house when it comes to cleaning and winter is the perfect time to thoroughly clean every inch of it. Start by emptying all cabinets, stovetops and drawers. Using a microfiber cloth and a mild multi-surface cleanser, wipe all kitchen surfaces from top to bottom. Empty and clean the refrigerator and move to the oven, kitchen absorber and microwave.

Clean Windows

In case you have a fireplace or you love burning candles during the winter, your windows probably sport a thin layer of soot. Although it may be hard to notice it, this film can block precious sunshine. Using a suitable window detergent give all your windows a good clean from top to bottom. If you prefer to mix your own cleaning solution use white vinegar. The mild acidity of vinegar (2.4 pH) makes it perfect for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces such as windows. Do not worry about the vinegar smell. It will go away in an hour or two.

Declutter and dust

To improve air-quality and reduce the amount of dust during the cold months, declutter and dust your home on a weekly basis. Put cluttered and disorganized areas in order, remove trash and put everything in its right place. Dust all surfaces (shelves, drawers, TV and kitchen tables) from top to bottom.

Deal Promptly with Fireplace Ash

If you have a fireplace, then you need to deal quickly with all the ash before it gets on your carpets and furniture. In case you do not own one of those heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, sprinkle the ashes with cold water and scoop them with a shovel. Once you dispose of most of the ash, use your regular vacuum cleaner to take care of any soot remains.

If you prefer to use external help for all these home maintenance chores, do not hesitate to hire one of the many companies that provides after builders cleaning services, like Fantastic Cleaners Wandsworth. Why after builders? Because after-builders cleaning providers offer the widest range of cleaning services and they can make your place sparkling clean like no other.

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