“Thank you for who you are, Ny Nourn.”

*response written by Danny Thongsy, Yuri Kochiyama Fellow at Advancing Justice — Asian Law Caucus*

Dear Ny,

Greetings, I am deeply inspired by who you are, Ny Nourn. Your strength and resiliency speaks of the spirit you carried which defied so many odds and obstacles. The trajectory of your life, migration-school-prison-detention/deportation pipeline, disclosed the results of American militarism/capitalism and its failure to help immigrants and disadvantaged members of our community. Your story has raised awareness regarding this issue.

Being a child refugee of parents who escaped war and genocide only to resettled in an impoverished setting, I can empathize and imagine it was truly difficult for you; in addition, to the trauma of war your family carried and the challenges of acculturation. Also, as a young lady you were captived in an abusive relationship and to escape seems unforeseeable. As a results of this toxic relationship you were accused by the failing criminal justice system and was branded. After decades and years of perseverance by being warehoused and separated from your family and the community, you attained your freedom but only to face, once again, a threat of being separated from your family and the community, deportation.

Once again as you persevere through this challenge, please know that you have my support and a community of support advocating for you. Thank you for who you are, Ny Nourn.

In Solidarity,

Danny Thongsy