3D Asset Pack: Low Poly Middle Eastern Objects

AAA Animators
Mar 9 · 2 min read

Treasure hunters use everything ‘from science to magic’ to look for buried gold and ancient artifacts. In some instances, looters will try to get jinn to possess them, or someone with them, in hopes that jinn will take the treasure hunters to a protected treasure. The looters who undergo spirit possession claim that they experience memory loss.

The pack has highly detailed Middle Eastern Objects ready for use in your project. Just drag and drop prefabs into your scene and achieve beautiful results in no time.

Mesh complexities:


327 verts; 352 tris uv


89 verts; 120 tris uv


201 verts; 240 tris uv


1427 verts; 1810 tris uv


272 verts; 432 tris uv


359 verts; 562 tris uv


308 verts; 456 tris uv


441 verts; 688 tris uv


306 verts; 272 tris uv

Includes 1 set of textures with 4 materials:

● Diffuse
● Gloss
● Normal
● Specular

Brought to you by AAAnimators!


AAA Animators

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