What Is The Different Between MICR Toner & MICR Ink?

The term “MICR” is a short form for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition & designates to the unique numbers at the foot of checks that encompass the check number, account number, bank’s routing number, etc. Both MICR toner and MICR ink is employed to print out the unique numbers, also recognized as the MICR line on checks.

MICR ink is employed for checks — printing on inkjet printers whereas MICR toner is employed for check printing on laser printers. Assuming the magnetic ink or toner cartridges are originally manufactured (as opposed to refilled or remanufactured), then both types of cartridges must meet ANSI (ansi.org) standards for check printing.

Should you employ an inkjet MICR printer or a laser MICR printer?

Speed, print volumes and security needs should assist you determine what type of check printer you require. Inkjet printers are known to print much slower in comparison to laser printers, and printing check is no exemption. It’ll be tough to get an inkjet printer that’ll print MICR at speeds much higher than twenty pages per minute. Inkjet printers are also approximately as scalable as laser printers in regards of accessories — drawers, trays, or security alternatives.

The check printing environment is vital in deciding which type of solution to employ. Very small businesses that print only a few checks a day or week might find a MICR check printer toner suitable, but environments where volumes are more important or there are manifold employees engaged in the process should employ a secure MICR laser printer solution.

Why do businesses print checks with MICR ink & toner?

Well, the Federal Reserve & all banks need that checks should be printed with MICR ink or toner to make the processing simpler. As a check goes through the check clearing system, it travels through reader-sorters which transmit a magnetic current to the check, which allow the device to interpret the info featured inside the MICR line. If a check or other unfixed documents are printed with typical toner or ink, the reader will discard the check, making manual processes for the bank to process the check, and ask the firm that printed the document to be charged with check rejection fines.

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