“Listen” is a verb.

And what an amazing verb it is…

Here’s what made me notice: Yesterday was my fiance’s birthday, and on this occasion when he had all of my attention, I pondered the difference between listening and hearing together.

How much do we HEAR every single day? How much data is coming in our auditory channels? I hear all kinds of things, but they don’t all matter to me, or register with me.

However, when someone speaks to me who *has my attention*, I hear exactly what they say to me — because — you guessed it, I’m listening :)

Listening is ALL about controlling attention.

Listening is a Choice.

Listening is LOVE. ❤️

Attention is the only thing we can actually control in this life, so when we give our attention to someone or something, I argue that it is the HIGHEST GIFT & HONOR we can give another.

The ability & willingness to LISTEN (versus passively hearing the static and the signal of life, all muddled together) have EVERYTHING to do with our satisfaction, fulfillment, & joy!

I have three questions for you:

HOW MUCH are you listening for in your daily life? Are you taxing and straining your attention to its maximum? Sometimes we set ourselves up not to be able to hear anything because we’re listening and alert to so much.

WHAT are you listening for on a daily basis? What powerful question to ask ourselves…. Are you AWARE what your ears are attuned to hear? Here’s the trick: You are the tuner! You can hear anything you listen for. Are you only hearing criticism? Are you only hearing what feels good and keeps your comfortable? What a cool barometer of your values this question and its answers are! We NATURALLY listen for what we value at a subconscious level. Take a moment to compare whether your highest values are being evidenced by ­what your ears are picking up on.

And the third question, please don’t laugh at this one!

Do you know HOW TO LISTEN? Listening within is a skill. Listening implies that we are waiting to hear, and paying attention for something which has not yet occurred to our awareness. Sometimes we want to know the answers, before we have ever listened. I’ve been there before myself. Though funny to say, this anxiousness for outcome is human.

Do you agree? Have you experienced or witnessed someone experience what I describe? Comment or connect to let me know!

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