What does the Periodic Table have to do with Hypnotherapy?

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So, my new business website is LIVE… Take a peek!!

New as in website, not new as in business.

For those curious about what Palladium means, and why my Prism Hypnotherapy biz front will be sunsetted sometime within the next year,

I’m Mandy… I help people raise their own consciousness so they can overcome anxiety, reignite the spark and adventure in their lives, and simply enjoy everything more. I most often do this using imagery & altered state of consciousness (trance), but people transform and heal just by talking to me as well 🤓

Palladium is one of the elements on the periodic table. It’s actually the lightest lustrous, rare, and precious metal in the Platinum Group. Aside from just adoring the sound of this word, Palladium represents to me an aspect of understated value, beauty, and essentiality. Palladium is also the most malleable of the platinum metals! So it only stands to reason, that Palladium Mind is an attitude receptive to joy, and a quality which enables all our wildest dreams to come true. 😄❤️🙏

I’ve had Prism Hypnotherapy since 2015 and Palladium Mind since 2017. Prism Hypnotherapy definitely got me off the ground, and while I still consider myself in the early stages of a lifelong calling to work and play with others in this way, a change was needed. Here’s why:

Communicating wasnt *feeling right* to me through Prism Hypnotherapy. The tools I use to help people literally change their lives overnight are so universal, accessible, and natural. Conversely, the word “hypnosis” is not easy to connect to. And the tools and capabilities necessary to claim joy are not really “therapy”. They’re EMPOWERED HEALING & TRANSFORMATION. For me, and hopefully for others, Palladium Mind will signify all of that.

So here we go!

REGARDING MY WEBSITE: Mega thank you to Jordan Duvall and her team at Ignite Your Soul Brand! This was a true collaboration, and Jordan completely overdelivered and held my hand through it all. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

REGARDING MY CLIENTS, FRIENDS, AND FAMILY: You have really been instrumental in the evolution of my business and my self. Thank you for helping me to this point of clarity and action. ❤

Onward and upward!

If you want to get to know me and my team better, while getting to know yourself better… seriously, take this entertaining free quiz and discover your EQ superhero type 🤓

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Enjoy everything more. I can show you how.

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