St Paul, MN 11:15 PM
St. Paul, MN 7:06 AM
Minneapolis, MN 5:06 PM

Summit-University, St. Paul, MN 7:21 AM
North End, St. Paul, MN 9:50 PM
North End, St. Paul, MN 6:50 AM
St. Paul, MN 8:17 PM

With my series of photographs I have captured natural phenomenons like sunrise to symbolize my thoughts. A repetitive theme is the time, Day and Night are switched off in my series. In my photos the day can represent lightness, life. or even consciousness. As the sun rises a new life is born. It symbolizes new beginnings full of hope and opportunities. All the images that fall under “night time” symbolize unconsciousness and the masculine principle. After the sun has set the day has ended it in which it brings upon the death of the day and the resting of minds and souls

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