New Review of Academic Librarianship

For the past two journal reflections, I chose journals that cover the Information Science aspect of our field. However, I picked the New Review of Academic Librarianship journal for the third journal reflection.

New Review of Academic Librarianship is a British peer-reviewed journal published 3 times a year. Moreover, its first publication was in 1986. The publisher is Routledge who is a part of Taylor & Francis Group that publishes many journals in various fields. The journal ranks 24 in Library and Information Science according to Journal & Counrty Rank’s website. In addition, the subjects covered by the journal are academic librarianship, Information Science, and librarianship. Furthermore, the scope covers developments in many areas such as information literacy, deployment of information and communication technologies, and Collection management. The academic environment is full with energy about development and education. Moreover, I’m interested in academic libraries. Therefore, I chose to write about the New Review of Academic Librarianship journal.

Rebecca Crown Library is a subscriber to the journal. A full access to the journal is gained through EBSCOhost. The website of EBSCOhost is popular for its ease of browsing and navigation. The reason is that the website is designed for the purpose of research.

On the other hand, after looking at some of the articles, I found that most of them were qualitative. Most articles mentioned issues and challenges in academic libraries. Moreover, there were several articles that discussed ways on how to improve academic libraries from practical and theoretical aspects. However, there were some quantitative articles and most of them used questionnaire survey method.

In short, New Review of Academic Librarianship journal is specialized in academic librarianship. However, it covers many subjects about librarianship. Such journal keeps academic librarians in the loop of their academic environment and in Library and Information Science.