We were sitting inside the ship. The characters was me, the slaves, and the captain. The ship was old, dark, windy, and smelly. I heard people crying and the waves were hitting the ship. “The ship smelled stinky like fish, pee, and poop in here” the captain said as he ate his food. The captain went to Africa and Asia to capture slaves for his wars.

The captain found land and then the slaves started to make weapons for wars. The weapons they were making were guns, swords, spear, and polearms. The slaves were hungry, thirsty and tired. “I’ll bring the slaves food and water and you Zuberi Abimbola watch them” said the captain as he went to the ship and get the food and the water for the slaves. “After you finish working, we’ll get ready for the war” said the captain. When the slaves finished working on the weapons, they get ready for the war.
The slaves gathered their weapons and went to the ship. They traveled 24 days around the Pacific ocean to get to the new world for war. “Work!! Work!! Clean the ship, if you don’t work you will be thrown in the sea!” said the captain. “Were going to have war with white English people” said the captain. The white English people and the captain with the slaves meet. The war begins.
The captain of the white people went the slaves captain to die. so the white people captain threw a spear toward the slaves captain. “Captain watch out!!” Said one of the slaves but the captain didn’t hear so the spear went inside the slaves captain stomach. Also some of the white English people died, and the slaves got their freedom.

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