The best storyteller wins

The need is acceptance.

We live in a world where people long for acceptance. They want to feel good. They want people to see them as someone special. They want to be known as a person who ‘does’ things. Someone cool. Someone worth getting to know or hanging out with. This reflects very much in the way social media works today. We try to put on display our best side on social media. Sometimes people post things which might not even be true, but they do it anyway to make themselves look ‘cool’. There is a longing for acceptance.

Now. Marketing.

There is a difference (more often than not) in the marketing tactics of successful companies compared to, well, less successful companies. There is a pattern here. Companies which are more successful tend to do something which companies that are less successful often forget.. Marketing the company itself and not just its products. They don’t go running around screaming ‘we’re better, we’re the best’. That’s not what I’m mean.

They tell stories.

They talk about how their company is changing lives, they talk about how it is helping people. How it’s helping people be better or do better. They talk about how cool they are. And we know people want to be associated with things that are cool. Things that give people that sense of worth. This definitely plays a huge role in customer choice. This draws people towards your company and its products. Eventually, this even gives you a lot of influence. And whoever has most influence is the king.

Take Apple for example. There is no tech company that has as much influence as Apple. Why are they so popular? It’s because they are masters of storytelling. They tell stories which tell and show Apple as a company that stands for creativity. Stories which tell how creative Apple is, how motivated they are, how they are changing the world. They tell stories which depict Apple as a home for creatives, as a home for the motivated, as a home for the world-changers. If you are a motivated person and looking to accomplish something, you belong with Apple. This is what made Apple into the company they are today.

What should companies/marketers do?

Tell a story. Tell one of the most amazing stories ever told. A story that captivates people. A story which projects you as the one setting the standards and raising them. A story which tells how awesome you are. A story that inspires. If you’re a startup, tell a story of how you set out on a journey to change things. About how you set out to revolutionize. And inspire. Make people feel good about associating themselves with you.

Don’t be like those guys on social media who post things just to look cool. Become someone who has a story worth telling.

Remember. The need is acceptance. And the best storyteller wins.

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