Hey Adam,
Jonathan Courtney

Hi Jonathan,

  1. 4–6 weeks research is also normal, we sometimes we do sell it: for the Rails, we sold a 4-week research package with another 4-week of design as we had no idea how their internals work and we also knew that they’re pretty slow on decisions (so we basically said, look, let us have 2 meetings, go out, do our things, have a meeting in between, and a meeting at the end — that’s what 4 weeks is meant). And I guess for the hospital systems we also sold a month, as we had to work with a lot of specialized doctor’s departments… We met around 20–30 doctors in research phase one-by-one and a similar amount during usability tests, just to understand the differences and similarities.
  2. Unfortunately those clients who spend millions (in EUR) evade me. Usually most our research packages are below 1000 EUR, the largest I’ve ever sold was around 4000 EUR, for a hospital system, and startups get it cheaper than that sometimes. Maybe I should move back to Berlin?:)
  3. Research interpretation all comes to articulation and common experiences I guess. We nearly always bring out our clients to the fields with us and do the processing together, or at least, part of it. It’s not there to create a perfect persona, it’s to have shared experiences with our client about a target group so that when we argue about their behaviour we have some common thing to go back to.

And sometimes our up-front research is wasted, as well: sometimes we couldn’t find a gap in the market, or couldn’t find any new information, or couldn’t skip the problems. We are sorry then, but we try to be honest about it, and we always claim to the client, “well, at least we asked you to spend 1000 EUR on it, not to come up with something for 10.000 what you can spend half a year on to implement only to fail eventually”.