I really like this new ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 phone. It’s only 1 minute long, but narrates a story that feels complete. At the same time, I actually watched the whole ad, which is rare. I found the story, especially the “punchline” at the end with the “who dis” text, authentic, heart-warming, and funny.

All of this positive response to an ad that documents a young couple saying “I love you” for the first time by text message. That seems far from authentic (disclaimer: I’m an old millennial)! I’m inclined to agree with: “do not follow the romantic advice of this adorable Samsung ad”. I’m also a committed iPhone user and marginally anti-stylus. Still, this one got me. The timing is great.

My password dream

Every time I enter a password on a website or app (especially on mobile sites and mobile apps), I dream of a day where we don’t need to type passwords ever again. After years of zero progress, or worse, negative progress with code-based 2-factor apps, that day might be near!

The new LastPass app claimed to improve the process, and the press coverage matched. Turns out, it’s basically a copy of existing technology and only an improvement for LastPass users.

I’ve been a big fan of 2-factor authentication for a few years. …

Here’s how we run Bamboo Supply Co, republished from our company’s blog post. I believe that we’ll all be better off if customers and potential partners know how we operate, what we’re looking for, and what isn’t our priority right now.

We are a small team running a startup on…

We launched Zockster in 2012 because we wanted to make it easier to get better socks. We didn’t know anything about building an ecommerce site, certainly didn’t have any coding skills, and did what most people do in that situation: Launched on WordPress.

Zockster came online as one of the…

A draft redesign of one of my favorite Google applications

In general, the Google Maps redesign of last year is quite nice. …

I wrote the two words “well-being” in a Microsoft Word document today, and found something funny. Word showed “well-being” (hyphenated) as grammatically incorrect with the nice little green squiggly line below it, and a suggestion to change it to “well being.”

When I chose to accept the change and drop the hyphen, Word then showed “well being” also as grammatically incorrect with the same green line, and a suggestion to change it to “well-being.” You can see that this never ends.

The worst part about this glitch? It’s been happening since 2006 (and this website looks exactly like I would expect a website to look like in 2006!).

IKEA is officially joining the standing desk revolution. Here’s the IKEA BEKANT sit/stand desk. Looks like a nice option based on the style and functionality shown in the video. Price is very reasonable for a sturdy standing desk, coming in nicely under the prices for GeekDesks.


Alright, it might…

I really like the way Steve Jobs describes computer science in this video (originally seen on avc.com):

“I view computer science as a liberal art.” — Steve Jobs


And here’s the reason why:

“I think everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer…because it teaches you…

This happened by email to coordinate my Invisalign check-up today.

Dr. Benjamin Belavsky (@Dr_Ben_Ortho), aka Ben, aka doctor bro, aka brothodontist:

I have two emergency patients that called me to come in at 9:30. They should both be done by 10:00, but, just in case, I may be running a few minutes late. We’ll still have time to figure out how to fix your teeth though so no worries :-)

Me (I ❤ sarcasm):

Yikes! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be there, and won’t throw tantrum if my teeth are a tiny bit un-straight for an extra few minutes. It will be difficult, but I will manage.

Doctor Bro (this is where it got weird):

Ok. Good. If you’re a really good boy I’ll consider giving you a lollipop.


Is that a test? You can’t have that with INVASILIGN bro!

Dr. Bro:

You passed the test! You win the caramel covered popcorn bucket!












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