New Google Maps zoom is awesome

Business Insider wrote yesterday that users are finding and loving a new zoom feature in Google Maps for iOS and Android. I tried it, and it’s awesome. Instead of using two fingers to pinch-zoom, double-top the screen, keep your finger on the screen on the second tap, and slide it up and down on the screen to zoom in and out. Works best your thumb, and is great for one-hand use. You can see aquick demo animation on the Google Maps site (scroll down to “1 Finger Zoom”).

via Google’s Quick tips on using Google Maps for iPhone®

This new option for touchscreen zooming is also a good reminder that there is often a better solution out there, even if something great exists. Seems that just a few months ago everyone was upset that Apple patented the pinch-to-zoom option, and assumed there would never be anything better. Glad they were wrong.