Microsoft Design Challenge 2022 — Eduverse


The Start ➡️

Process Planning 📅

Process I followed for this project.

Research 🔍

Research outcomes

Interviews 🗣️

User Interviews

Problem Statement ❗

“How can I make online education more engaging & immersive for both teachers and students”.

Solution ✔️

Eduverse App Icon

How did I come up with this solution ?

User Personas 👤

Parent — Teacher — Student: User Personas

User Flow ↕️

User flow diagram

Low-Fidelity Wireframes 📱

Low-Fidelity Wireframes
3D-Virtual classroom Low-Fidelity Stage in Blender

High-Fidelity Wireframes 📱

Quick Onboarding

Signup & create your avatar for Eduverse.

Home Screen

Didn’t understood a concept, no worries just plug your phone with the VR headset & experience it live in front of you on click of a button in Eduverse.

Submit assignments on time & earn scratch cards.

Unlock scratch cards

Use the scratch cards to win some cool rewards on the go.

Umm! Free fries on your next order! 🍟
Agenda Screen

Keep up with your daily tasks & assignments so you don’t miss any of the scratch cards and rewards.🤗

Student’s view

Student’s view of the 3-D classroom in Eduverse.

Teacher’s view

Teacher’s view of the 3-D classroom in Eduverse.

Coming to the avatar part now.

This is not that smooth beacuse its converted to .gif.

What’s next ❔

Final Words




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Aadarsh Khant

Aadarsh Khant

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