Following these diktats religiously will help you own advertising.

If you’ve been led to believe that advertising is about telling lies or selling products that no one needs, consider yourself misled, and prepare for an education.

Sure it can be a bit hectic; cancelled vacations, longer hours, meetings that help no one, clients who know it all can get on your nerves…. but if you dig deep and look beyond the obvious, advertising, at its best is about honoring ‘excellence’ and helping ‘quality’ get the adoration it deserves.
If advertising is your field of choice, here’s how you can be great at it:


To read is to gather secondary information communicated in a way that it broadens your life-view and gives you an outside-perspective of the inner world and vice versa.
An individual who reads is never without the company of great friends.


Your senses are your window to the world, so make sure you are always open to new experiences and aware of all the wonderful things that are constantly happening around you. Do not ignore the details just because they are small. Life is nothing, if not the sum of all these little details. These tiny particulars make up our whole world.


Compassion is an idea powerful enough to heal the world. Remember, the first rule of creating great work is ‘you have to give a damn’ and ‘really care’, because if you are not sincere in your approach to solving the client’s problem, real success will always elude you.


Being alive means more than breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. Fear kills the desire to live. Get rid of wanton fear, before it rids you off your zest for life. Be ready to embrace the moment when it hits you and give in to the overwhelming power of emotions when you feel them, let them change you, let them help you grow.

Sure, the ride can get overwhelming at times, but don’t let it stop you from having a life outside your job.

Get out of your shoes, walk bare-feet on the beach, climb a rock, conquer a peak, fall asleep on wet grass under the starry skies, pick a fight, fall in love, wear your heart on your sleeve and get it blown to pieces. Simply put, live your life, like you are madly in love with ‘being alive’.


Take that poetry class (or pottery, doesn’t matter), or that photography workshop, get into the technical side of cakes and wines. Do whatever it takes, but shake things up and avoid being lulled into a creative slumber. Learning new things and challenging your self is the best way to embrace buoyancy.

Sense of humor

A good sense of humor can help you get through any situation in life. Failure won’t crush you and stress won’t slow you down. You will find yourself with more positive energy when you have the common sense to deal with life on your own terms and a sense of humor to face it with a good laugh.


Irrespective of your skill and talent, you need a team. And, that is a fact. We all face challenges that seem too strong to be surmountable, but when we have the support and encouragement of our team members, we become capable of meeting them head-on. Other than all the practical reasons, it’s a great feeling to pat each other’s back celebrating the success of a project well done.

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