Benefiting School, Erp Software — ECR AURA — Developed by Ecreations

For long school administration and staff battled with large chunk of files, daily creating manual records and manual keeping, managing and transfer of files. Since the inception of the school erp software this problem get addressed and delivered magnificent results.

School ERP Software

However, some products lead the others due to their simpler framework and user friendly interface coupled with rich user experience. One such school erp software is ECR Aura developed by Ecreations an IT software solutions company software in Lucknow. The school erp, as always, has been successful in increasing the operational efficiency through amalgamating and orchestrating thousands of tedious managerial tasks within a single platform from Attendance to admissions; from examinations to events and multiple other schools’ related tasks are being successfully managed through ECR Aura.

An Overview of the School ERP software

The software is divided under several modules corresponding to different department and operational vertical. These modules contain sub modules which further contain several options within them. These modules are created en view all the functionalities that performed in various departments.

The List of Modules:

· Admin

· Academics

· Reception

· Accounts

· Academics

· Student

· Payroll

· Inventory

· Library

· Hostel

· Events

· Transport

Some exciting features of ECR Aura that has turned out to be beneficial:

· The school erp has been witnessing amazing response from — thousands of schools — its beneficiaries as it is enhancing the operational efficiency of school and helping them setting up new bench marks.

· The school erp software is complete and comprehensive solutions to cater the modern day functioning and operations need.

· Another amazing feature of the product is that it is available both online and offline. The painstaking support makes the customer experience richer.

· From managing and supervising the entire recruiting process to the attendance of students, from Transportation management to Accounts, Payrolls, library, hostel and event it takes care of all the aspects.

· Due to management and integration of diversified managerial tasks under one roof, it becomes easy to manage and supervise for administration resulting in effective and efficient management thus better productivity.

· Like all school erp software it also is cost and time effective by saving the costs of stationary and saving the time spent on manual creation of records.

· It comes with 24*7*365 technical support so whenever you feel dizzy you get all the desired support.

Come from the days of manual work to the digital world, the software have changed the operational methodologies and streamlined the operations for the greater good. The ERP software is one such important tool which is taking care of deploying a system that is accountable for recording and mobilizing the inter organizational actions smoothly and swiftly.