Everyone can do this:

local → github

With ssh access (paid) you can do this:

local → pythonanywhere

What I do here is (free):

local → github → pythonanywhere

I first list why you might wanna do this and then go to the how. If you want to directly jump to the how then feel free to take a leap.


PythonAnywhere is awesome. It’s free, good resources, even a database and you can have a dynamic website running in minutes. …

Face it, we face a lot of minor annoyances that aren’t worth the effort to rectify. I used to and still listen to a lot of music, usually playing it in the background while doing something else. And while I am proficient in English, it’s still hard to keep up with the verses when Eminem raps at supersonic speed. There were a lot of times when I’m programming in sync with the music but then I break off because I didn’t catch the lyrics. It completely broke the flow and interrupting my work to quickly google the lyrics was annoying.

And I wasn’t alone in this. …

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Googleplex - where the winners go

If you read this in time for Code-in 2018 and are aged between 13 to 17, you might be in luck, for this post might just help you out. It would’ve made it easier for me too, if this existed before I won. I list some pro tips that I feel would be useful in order to fully experience GCI.

The aim of the contest is to simply encourage young developers to get started with open-source. Interestingly, unlike other contests, not everyone participates in GCI to truly win. Yes, I hear you, the Grand Prize is an all expenses paid 4 days trip to fucking Googleplex and here you see me saying some people don’t really concentrate on that. …


Aadi Bajpai

design some, code some // clashkahznlvpwfg.onion // I don’t write here anymore go to https://aadibajpai.com/blog/

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