Does Houston have a talent problem?

As the fourth most populous city in the country, the last problem Houston should have is that it doesn’t have enough people. Yet, there is an ongoing conversation I’m hearing throughout the local startup scene that there simply isn’t enough top talent in the city. Is this really the case or is there something else at play?

Where is everyone?

Houston is inherently a sprawling mess of a city due to no zoning laws that allow for things like this:

The fragmented nature of Houston makes it difficult to have one predominant local startup ecosystem, as opposed to a place like Austin where the scene is built around the University of Texas. This is what has me believe that it’s not that there aren’t smart people here in Houston, but that the real problem is one of accessibility and community.

Ok, so where do I start?

If you’re looking for top talent in the Houston area, there are definitely some great places to start your search. There are epicenters of startup activity in the city mostly around co-working spaces and entrepreneurship hubs like Station Houston and Goodworks. They constantly are hosting community events that connect coders to startups and its in their business model to provide you with access to talent. Definitely a solid place to start. Local universities like the University of Houston, Rice University, and Houston Community College have students that are eager to get their feet wet in the startup world and would love the opportunity to learn and earn at a startup.

This is a huge city and there are tons of brilliant minds ready to work with you. You’ve just got to know where to look.

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