What Happened When I Woke Up at 5AM Every Day This Week
Ravi Raman

I have always tried not to study or work at night because I am good at waking up early in the morning and I do it regularly, but the barrier with the job person comes when he has to comply to the strict time barriers of the office hours. Even though, I do complete my major tasks of the day before the lunch, I have to complete the remaining hours with the less remaining portion of work as the productive juice of the mind has already been used in the morning. On the other hand, if I do multitasking like working on my own project in the morning and then joining office, that takes a lot more focus and utilizes more of the brain which automatically reduces my efficiency of work at office. So, in my conclusion, one should also focus on multitasking alongwith waking up early to both work on his dream projects and be a top performer at the office.

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