Just Keep Making Stuff

A really good advice, especially for me.

I love programming, designing or anything related to computers because of the creativity involved in solving the problems. I am really good at programming. I can easily understand those concepts which seem so hard to my colleagues/class-fellows. I got marks above 95% in both my previous programming courses that I took in the University. This affirmed my belief that I could learn anything and make something great, beautiful. I started learning about different technologies and languages that people use to make extraordinary things.

I started collecting all the videos, tutorials, books; anything that I could get my hands on, thinking that this will make me a good developer, as I will have another skill under my belt and more knowledge about more technologies. Now I was spending all my time watching tutorials, reading books and articles but I was neglecting the only thing that mattered most, practice by creating stuff using what I have learned. A month from now, I discovered MOOC (coursera , edx)and enrolled in about two dozens courses. Although I completed half dozen courses, this was really exhausting for me. Keep in mind that I am doing all this alongside my regular University education where I spend 7 – 8 hours daily.

This approach of learning everything that I could, gave me a general overview but it left me unsatisfied as I wasn’t creating anything, which was the whole point. Besides, I couldn’t learn everything because of the constant evolution and emergence of new technologies.

This article made me think about my strategy and all the defects in it. Now, I will focus on learning just one thing but doing it right. I will create a bunch of things and solve a bunch of problems using that. And only when I am satisfied with it, I will move on to explore new territory. That way I will truly be learning, and most all, enjoying the journey. This is the only way I can live both my dreams; solving unsolved and exploring unexplored.