Is your desk job killing you?

People joke about those who spend half of their life earning money and rest of it on buying health back. Unfortunately, that is no longer a joke.

Modern lifestyle that buckles people seated to a seat, whether it is at office desk or at home in front of TV, is making people sitting ducks for ailments to devour. Not everyone falls prey to ailments though. Some owe it to their strong genetic heritage and some to their vigilance in taking care of their bodies.

If you are a busy individual who finds it difficult to set some time aside for healthy lifestyle, here are 3 things you can do starting today towards a healthier life.

Food is medicine, really: If you see the methods of preparation of food from any old tradition — you will see that kitchen is filled with all sorts of herbs and these herbs form part of daily staple. There is a reason for this. Kitchen is men’s elixir store and food is the medicine that comes out of it. Most traditions do not have recipes for fast food. They either have raw fresh food, fermented food or food that takes time to make.

Irony with fast food is — it takes a LONG time for body to process it. Time consuming traditional ways of making food takes long to cook and less time for body to process.

Starting today, you can choose to eat simple foods:

i) Fruits and nuts instead of chips and sodas.

ii) Protein based food instead of simple carbs.

iii) Decrease the portion of your food by 25% (assuming you are consuming more than you need). Trick is to leave space for a dessert and not have it.

Simple — yes; Effects: dramatic in long term.

Walking steps goal: Having been sitting at a desk job makes one lethargic. Even if one pushes to start a workout routine — lethargy wins over in the form of excuses like: have lot of work, not in the mood, have to take family out, yada yada yada.

To break away from the lethargic gravity, starting today set up a step goal. If you have a smartphone — download a pedometer app OR buy a simple pedometer (it’s an investment in yourself). For the first few weeks, starting today, set with 5000 steps goal. After that increase to 10,000 steps. Idea is to avoid car, elevators etc for short trips where you can walk. All adds up at the end of the day.

After you regain energy by making walking in your daily regime — you will be more likely to stick with any other workout routine you may start.

Drink more water and/or replace coffee with green tea: You have heard about drinking more water. I am not a big fan of this recommendation because I always seem to forget this on a busy day. If you cannot get yourself to take more water how about not depleting the water in your body?

Coffee dehydrates us.

Green tea (which has some caffeine) does not deplete body of its water reserves, instead, adds antioxidants which helps boost your immune system.

Remember this recommendation is really to increase the intake of water and decrease intake of coffee (and possibly replace it 100% with green tea or other herbal teas). But if you cannot manage all of them together, starting today, take the step toward taking more water or drinking less coffee or drinking more green tea. Even if you replace one of your coffees with green tea today — that’s a good start.

Having a water bottle at your desk helps as it will be easy to keep account of how much water you consume during the day and it reminds you to drink more water every time you see it. Fill your bottle only half which will compel you to walk more times to get your water quota.

Note: Do not drink any caffeine products 6 hours prior to your sleeping time as it disrupts your sleeping pattern.

There you have it…simple to implement ideas to start you off on the path of health.

Originally published at on October 23, 2015.

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