A poem on World War 2 written by a 15 year old, may not be fully correct but hope you enjoy

The watch was mine

Until they took the Rhine

The French crossed the line and we payed the fine

The Rhine they took

Our economy shook

With one look

We knew Germany was on a hook

Then hitler came

Won himself some fame

And our economy he did tame

Little did we know Germany was never to be the same

Many pacts we made

And begun our raid

Our guns gave Poland aid

And soon their armies began to fade

The allies rode to war

Soon France had a broken core

And we smashed the door,

With a roar

They went on all four

The bells have rung

And the song sung

Our enemies gather like flies around dung

Those who once leered

Are now in fear smeared

We poked Britain but they reared

For war our people are fully geared

Our coats for Russia from deaths goat shall be sheared

Russia was cold

Their armies lives they sold

In victory we rolled

But our paper got a fold

Our positions we couldn’t hold

And for once the word defeat became bold

Children pick the guns that drop

Our country a major flop

A river became a single drop

We are the germs and allies the mop

With one foot on the edge of the cliff we hop

Japan surrendered after 2 of US’s bombs blew

Mussolini was hung on a rope, his reign now down the loo

All the other countries skies now turning blue

Except for us defeats birds in the sky flew

Extinguished our flame

But we got worse than a blame

Russia and US split our country each saying power be theirs to claim

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