Thor Becomes Thoretta

Watch out boys, there’s a new chick on the block.

Man Thor is putting down the hammer for his now conterpart Woman Thor. Unveiled just this past July by comic writer Jason Aaron and comic artist Russell Dauterman, Thor, an original Marvel superhero packed with glistening muscles galore since 1962, has just recently become a kick-ass woman.

As most Marvel creators predicted, the gender swap is stirring up quite the controversy for dedicated Marvel comic readers. Some believe it is complete bogus to transform their favorite manly superhero into a flimsy woman. However, that is definitely not the case for this fierce girl. She is quite the match for Man Thor, packed with the same amount of strength, power, and badassery. Not only does the new film reel in a completely new, and much intrigued, audience, but it brings light to feminism and all its disputes. Theatre's will be filled with angry, excited, and devoted Marvel this October near you.

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